Robert & Joyce Oberkotter Family Foundation

College and Trade School Scholarships


Important Dates


2019 Applications and re-applications are due before February 1, 2019

2019 Acceptance Letters will be sent out by the end of April 2019.

2019 Financial Aid Office/Bursar Office Information is due before June 1, 2019


Key Contacts


Please contact the below e-mail with any questions:

If you choose to e-mail your application materials use the following e-mail address(see below for 2019 reapplications):

If you choose to mail your 2019 application materials please use the following mailing address(see below for 2019 reapplications):

Oberkotter Family Foundation

C/O Anu Mullikin, Director

Devine Millimet and Branch

111 Amherst Street

Manchester, NH

2019 Re-applications should be mailed to:

Oberkotter Family Foundation

P.O. Box 45

Newport, NH 03773

Please e-mail the physical mailing address and a contact person for your institution’s Bursar or Financial Aid Office to: