Robert & Joyce Oberkotter Family Foundation

College and Trade School Scholarships

Scholarship Award

Each scholarship award is in the amount of$3,500. The Foundation intends to award scholarships to one or more students from each of the eligible high schools based on the quality of the applications. 

This scholarship is not based on financial need, nor is it based primarily on academic merit. 

Applicants who are awarded scholarships in the spring of 2020 will be eligible to reapply for further scholarship funding for every year that they are enrolled in post-secondary school, including a future four year college or university and graduate or professional school.

Eligible High Schools

Eligible applicants include full-time high school seniors in good standing attending:

  • Fall Mountain Regional High School

  • Kearsarge Regional High School (NH)

  • Kimball Union Academy (NH)

  • Mid-Vermont Christian School (VT),

  • Mount Royal Academy (NH), 

  • Newport Middle High School (NH),

  • Stevens High School (NH),

  • Lebanon High School (NH),

  • Mascoma Valley Regional High School (NH),

  • Windsor High School (VT),

  • Proctor Academy (NH)

  • The Block Island School (RI), 

  • Claremont Christian Academy (NH),

  • New England Classical Academy (NH),

  • Hartford High School  (VT),

  • Springfield High School (VT),

  • Sunapee High School (NH),

  • Hanover High School (NH)

Each applicant must be on track to graduate from high school by June 30, 2020 and to enroll in a post-secondary educational institution in the fall of 2020.

An applicant must provide a transcript or other official high school document evidencing anticipated graduation by June 30, 2020.


Eligible applicants shall demonstrate two or more of the following:

             (a)  Strong moral and ethical character;

            (b)  Service to school, community and/or family;

            (c)  Part-time work;

            (d)  Extra-curricular activities; and/or

            (e)  Sports participation.